Additional Material

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Arne Naess’ Ecosophy: Luca Valera Interviews Alan Drengson

Luca Valera speaks with Alan Drengson about the development of Arne Naess’ philosophy, Ecosophy. Read now »

Definitions and Examples of Technology Practice

Chapter 2 from Practice of Technology by Alan Drengson (New York: SUNY Press, hardcover 1995; paper back 1996). PDF

Four Philosophies of Technology

This essay describes the four main philosophies of technology in our culture; engages in a process of creative inquiry; and outlines the interconnection between conception, action, and social process. (Philosophy Today, Summer 1982: 103-17) PDF

Four Philosophies of Technology, 1982

An outline of the four developmental stages of technology: Technological anarchy, technophilia, technophobia, appropriate technology. Read now »

Poetry: Sacred Journey

Selections from Alan Drengson’s Sacred Journey volumes I, II and III. Poem titles »

Stained Glass Art: An Experience in Light

Alan Drengson speaks of his fascination with light and color, his evolution into a stained glass artist and briefly covers the history of stained glass art. Read now »