Reflections on Stained Glass Art

I am awed by color and light in natural landscapes.

I have early memories of stained glass windows in churches. Glass fascinated me, and I liked to draw and paint, and to be in Nature.

I took drawing and painting lessons from several artists and mentors; I became a dedicated mountaineer; I painted and took pictures in nature. I wanted to share these scenes with others and see them myself when not in the mountains.

I learned to use a camera for color photography. I took photo workshops and learned that the slide film I liked most was Kodak slow speed Kodachrome. When I became a stained glass artist and designer, some of my windows were based on slides in my collection.

The two landscapes, Olympus and Wood Duck Window, were done from slides and memories. The abstract work Exaltation was inspired by patterns of flying objects of all sorts. And the geometric one with gems is a traditional pattern of my own design.