The Wild Way

Journeying in a Wild World…

Wild Way Home: Spiritual Life in the 3rd Millennium describes the development, practices, values and aims of the Wild Way spiritual discipline. Alan calls such spiritual ways Whole Arts. Whole Arts practice systems lead to realizing the divine nature of our deep Self. They help us transcend our narrow self to realize a deeper, more inclusive Self, in harmony with ecological communities and other humans. Wild Way Home articulates this Whole Art through the reality and metaphors of mountains, wilderness and journeying. Journeying as a way of life gives us inspiring adventures! We live in times of great change in a Mysterious world. Living well in turbulence is possible when we are unified and in harmony with human and wild companions.

The Wild Way befriends all forms of wild wisdom. We are at home in any wilderness. In Nature, ceremonial settings, or in the city, the Wild Way brings us home.